We roll the fields
and they bring picnics



Visual identity
What does your brand want to say? Once we’ve defined your objectives, we’ll design its full visual package to ensure it shows up in the world the way you want it to. This includes logos, typographies, color palettes, shapes and photography style – all wrapped up in a scalable playbook to ensure you stay consistent across channels and formats.
Campaign design
From conception to development, we make visibility campaigns that put brands in the spotlight. It starts by collaborating with strategists and copywriters to define the marketing objectives and unique tone of voice. Then we put our hands into the dough to create something wholesome, yet full of flavor.
Illustration is our speciality, and we can do it by hand or digitally to create something that’s truly unique and inimitable. From collages to animated vector images, we can make anything you need. And with every material, from paint to mixed media. We’re never discouraged by new techniques or technology – we embrace whatever tools necessary to birth your brand’s identity.
When designing a video or an animation, we prepare storyboards to refine the details of its composition, pacing and visual flow. In any project, we practice open and honest communication with the people we’re working for, so we love getting feedback. But we’re also happy to work independently, if that’s the way you like things.
The ritual of opening a package brings such enjoyment, and the packaging itself can often take on a purpose. Sometimes we keep tins to organize letters or sewing buttons. Or some people line colored coffee packets on their shelves next to the cups to feel inspired every morning. Perfectly crafted packaging works hand-in-hand with the product to instill brand loyalty. When it comes to packaging, we define the objective and use of the product first, then make it a home that perfectly highlights its characteristics.
Editorial design
We’re also experienced in everything editorial, whether it’s short-form like pamphlets and flyers or something more extensive like books, brochures and magazines. We’ll weave your stories into pages to create a stimulating experience for your readers, incorporating illustrations or distinct text patterns if it’s part of the brief. When we’re designing for digital, we always uphold readability, and therefore inclusivity. When we’re designing for print, we’re experts in choosing methods that are less aggressive on the environment.
Data visualization
We can make the driest of data fun and attention-grabbing. Through charts, graphs, and other infographics designed to order, we’ll make sure the facts are understood as they should be, which always starts with the design they’re made to fit in.
Got something else in mind? Reach out and we’ll see if we have the resources to make it work.

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